Is more than a soccer team or sport club.  We are the region’s first Soccer Community.  Futbol! European and Latin clubs thrive, enjoy, and prosper because the Culture includes an atmosphere for players, parents, & coaches.

Private Facilities: It starts with a Pitch.  Not just a field, BattleBornFC is working diligently toward establishing our own home!  Where we mow the grass, we roll the land, and we say when we play.  This will be our house, open 12 months!

Connections. We are a real professional development Club. 

  • BattleBornFC competes in the UPSL division. If you’re good, you go beyond; college or pro!
  • BattleBornFC partners with SportLogic, a vertically integrated sport facility, education, and Player Pathway (professional) soccer powerhouse
  • SportLogic Academy; a private school, a home school, or a public school at home program… so students can be athletes first, and motivated students too!
  • AND when competition comes to our door, it’s our house… We’ll compete with the very best!

Results: Athletes at Olympic Development Program, Spain, UPSL, Contracts in Europe, offers in Mexico, and scholarships to Universities