Subscriptions (monthly Club Dues) are presented in bundles and begin on specific dates of each month. In check-out, you will NOT be charged yet, rather automatically and only on the specified date. For example, on any day before Aug 1st, you will not be charged the monthly dues, and cart will show $0.00. You will not be charged until Aug 1st, .

Similarly, if your Club Dues has ‘breaks’ in sequential months (high school break), the bundle will begin again on the first of the month when Club restarts. The Cart will read the sum for that monthly Due too, but again you will NOT be charged yet, rather only scheduled for the 1st of that month. Example, high school break Sept – Oct., the next Club Dues will start on Nov 1st. In this case, because there are 2 bundles, the total will read $200 ($100 for the scheduled start of two ‘bundles’).

The system will only charge 1 monthly Due per month and on the scheduled day of the scheduled months. Yes we know this is confusing:(ugh, we apologize) but this is the most efficient way to manage our Club Dues and keep administrative costs low… we pass the savings on to you and focus on futbol!

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Monthly dues cover your coaching, field access, and club fees.  Once submitted, dues are non refundable. Club incurs direct costs associated with each submittal.

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