Born 2008 and Older Registration & Uniforms


Your Initial Registration and Monthly Dues (beginning July 1, a separate subscription entered later) delivers the following:
  • Fall Local League
  • Spring Local League
  • Club Fee
  • US Soccer Player Registration
  • Facility & Field Use
  • Training, Coaching, Pathway Management
  • 3 Uniform Kits (3 Jerseys, 3 Shorts, 3 Socks)
  • GameDay Backpack
  • BattleBornFC Club Scarf (Sprit Wear!)
  • BattleBornFC First Team Season Ticket (UPSL Home Games, Beginning May 29 & 30!)
  • Discounts on Team Store (More Spirit Wear)
  • Discounts on Club Camps & Personal Training
  • Champion Martial Arts (Introduction to body control and safety)
  • Engage Fitness (Introduction to speed, agility, coordination, & power)
  • Help… Payment Assistance Options Available



Born 2008 and Older

Registration and monthly dues once submitted are non refundable. BattleBornFC incurs direct costs associated with each registration and monthly due.